High Performance Surf Camps

Margaret River Surf School’s High Performance Surf Camps create a unique surfing trip for surfers who are competing or simply wishing to improve their surfing technique. Taking place at the stunning Playground Surf Resort in Mentawai Islands, this camp offers a once in a lifetime experience that will take your surfing to the next level!

The World's Ultimate Playground for Surfers

Playground Surf Resort has over 20 surf breaks around the resort including world-class waves for all surfing levels. We also have some secret spots that our surf guide will take you to score in the right conditions.

PLAYGROUND SURF RESORT – The ultimate surf destination in the Mentawai Islands, Indonesia

Mentawais - The ResortThe Resort

The resort has more than 20m2 of lush green landscape surrounded by coconut trees and native vegetation. We have a natural source of clean fresh water which provides plenty of quality water for our guests usage. We are located 40m above sea level offering a beautiful E-Bay view.

Mentawais - LodgingsLodgings

Playground Surf Resort was built in traditional Indonesian style, featuring functional and comfortable accommodation for your surf trip. The main house is divided into 4 spacious suites, a large kitchen, dining room, open plan lounge multimedia room, toilet, coffee bar and internet access.

Mentawais - Local MapLocal Map

Playground Surf Resort has over 20 surf breaks around the resort suitable for all surfing abilities. Our surf guide’s will also take you to score uncrowded perfect waves at some secret spots. All the surf spots are very near the resort, In around 5 – 15 min we can check around 10 – 15 waves, There is a few more which will take no more than 20 – 30min to get to and be first off the set.

Mentawais - SurfingSurfing

Playground Surf Resort has over 20 surf breaks around the resort including world-class waves for all surfing levels. We also have some secret spots that our surf guide will take you to score in the right conditions.

Mentawais - YogaYoga

Morning sessions off Yoga with a relaxing view. Make your body and soul more comfortable with daily stretching amongst the beautiful Mentawai nature.

Mentawais - FishingFishing

With our extensive fishing experience, we will take you to catch some great speedsters of the ocean, you better be prepared! Big Mahi-Mahi on light gear, extra large Giant Trevally and Tuna on lures all available in the calm waters of Playground area.

Mentawais - SnorkellingSnorkelling

We are very blessed to have one of the most beautiful and colourful reefs at our door step. Enjoy the amazing underwater world of the Playground Surf Resort.

Mentawais - ActivitiesActivities

We have a range of board games, cards, ping-pong and even a lush green grass area to practice your mini golf skills.

Mentawais - SUPingSUPing

Playground Surf Resort has stand up paddle boards for guest use to go discover the bay and surrounds.

Margaret River Surf School HPC Camp Mentawai Islands

Included in your package is:


Accommodation and meals

  • Airport pick up/drop off and boat transfers
  • Fast ferry to and from Playground Surf Resort
  • Mentawai surf tax
  • 10 nights accommodation at Playground Surf Resort
  • 3 meals a day and drinks (non-alcoholic) – water, coconut water, tea and coffee
  • Welcome drink Playground Surf Resort
  • Snacks, water and coconut water in boats that go out to the surf
  • Equipment for fishing, diving and spearfishing
  • Darts, table tennis and Slack-line
  • Wi-Fi


High Performance Coaching

  • 2 surf sessions every day
  • 10 x surf coaching sessions with High performance coaches and local surf guides
  • 10 x video analysis for technique breakdown
  • Pictures & video of the trip (Surfing sessions, life style, activities…)
  • Video of the trip (group video of the coaching camp)

The total cost is $2980 USD


Please note:

  • Your flight in to Padang must arrive the day before your camp starts. A staff member will be waiting for you to transfer to your accommodation in Padang.

  • Return flight must be booked for the day after your camp finishes.

  • Travel insurance must include an evacuation plan.

  • A deposit of $500 USD will need to be made upon booking that is non refundable 

  • Full payment is required before 31st March the year you are attending non refundable

Please Note:

  • Your flight in to Padang must arrive the day before your camp starts. A staff member will be waiting for you to transfer to your accommodation in Padang.

  • Return flight must be booked for the day after your camp finishes.

  • Travel insurance must include an evacuation plan.

  • A deposit of $500 USD will need to be made upon booking that is non refundable 

  • Full payment is required before 31st March the year you are attending non refundable

A range of waves to suit all different tastes of surfers


Mentawai Islands are well known as one of the best surf destinations in the world. 

Strategically located on the globe, the islands receive constant swells all year around and offers waves for all levels of surfers.  Playground Surf Resort has over 20 surf spots around the area and a few SECRETS that our surf guide will proudly take you for that epic uncrowded session.

Check out some information about the most famous waves in the region:



Bankvaults is a barreling right,  with shifting line-up. The ideal size to surf Bankvaults is head-high to a triple overhead, in any swell. A barrel here is very memorable and will be in your mind forever.

  • Best Size: 4-10 ft
  • Ability Level: Advanced 
  • Swell Direction: South/Southwest
  • Best Wind: North
  • Best Tide: Medium – High




Beng-Beng it’s located only 5 min boat ride from our door setp, one of the most consistent and probably the easiest lefthander wave to surf in the Mentawai. It’s fun for surfers of all ability levels. Any type of board works great here.

  • Best Size: 2-4 ft
  • Ability Level: All levels
  • Swell Direction: Southwest/West
  • Best Wind: None or East 
  • Best Tide: Medium-High




Burgerworld is considered a good option when swell is flat, there s always something to ride here. Even though it’s not a premiere wave it is a fun alternative when everywhere else isn’t breaking. Shortboard or fish are most suitable for this wave.

  • Best Size: 2-5 ft
  • Ability Level: All levels
  • Swell Direction: Southwest 
  • Best Wind: West/Northwest
  • Best Tide: medium




  • E-Bay is a fast, barreling left that got one of the most beautiful and photogenic barrels in the region. One of our favourites and only 7 min from Playground Surf Resort door step.  Usually you can get away with your shortboard but anything overhead and you might want to grab the next step up in your quiver.
  • Best Size: 4-8 ft
  • Ability Level: Advanced
  • Swell Direction: Southwest/West
  • Best Wind: None or Southeast
  • Best Tide: Medium-High 




Hideaways is a world class heavy left that can handle the straight souths wind. Hideaways has the ability to be a sick cavern or offer up a rippable shoulder.  A slightly bigger board will be the choice for this wave.

  • Best Size: 4-8 ft
  • Ability Level: Intermediate – Advanced
  • Swell Direction: Southwest/West
  • Best Wind: Southeast/East
  • Best Tide: Medium-High 




Kandui  is one of the fastest, down the line, left-hand barrels in the world. Kandui is a hollow wave with your only option for survival being finding yourself pumping inside of the best barrel of your life. The bigger the better.  Use a mid-size board to help you get to the wave earlier.

  • Best Size: 4-10 ft
  • Ability Level: Advanced – Expert
  • Swell Direction: Southwest
  • Best Wind: Southeast/East
  • Best Tide: Medium – High




Nipussi is a high-performance right that always has waves and is a good alternative when the rest of the islands are flat. It’s known as one of the mellowest waves in the islands. A short board with good volume is the best approach here.

  • Best Size: 2-6 ft
  • Ability Level: All levels
  • Swell Direction: South/Southwest
  • Best Wind: North/Northwest
  • Best Tide: Medium




Pit Stops is one of the most high performance waves, with many movie segments being filmed here. Located a few hundred yards away from E-Bay, the wave itself starts breaking over a combination of sand and reef until eventually expiring itself on a beautiful tropical beach. One of the most photogenic waves in the Shortboard/Fish

  • Best Size: 2-4 ft
  • Ability Level: All levels
  • Direction: Southwest/West
  • Best Wind:  Southeast/East
  • Best Tide: Medium 




Rifles is one of the longest, most perfect, breathtaking  waves in the world. If you catch it good, just one good wave, your trip is a success and your return to Playground Surf Resort will be a routine. Get your fastest fins and board for this wave.

  • Best Size: 4-8 ft
  • Ability Level: Advanced
  • Swell Direction: South
  • Best Wind: West/Northwest
  • Best Tide: High




A Frames or John Candies is very consistent left with two sections to surf, the top and the inside. Can be a bit shifty and require a fair amount of paddling around to find the right area but the inside section is more dependable and offers up a better wall to work with.  Any type of board works great here.

  • Best Size: 3-5 ft
  • Ability Level: Intermediate
  • Swell Direction: South/Southwest 
  • Best Wind: None or West
  • Best Tide: Medium

Whats not included in the HPC package?

Flights to and from Padang
For flight bookings Stephen Webster from Flight Centre stephen.webster@flightcentre.com.au (+61) 08 9757 2144
You can book flights elsewhere however Stephen has the HPC trip itinerary and can make sure flights are booked that enable correctly timed connections.

Indonesian Entry Visa

Travel insurance
(must include evacuation plan) www.surftravelinsurance.com.au

Do I need travel insurance?

Yes it is mandatory to have travel insurance that includes an evacuation plan. More info here: www.surftravelinsurance.com.au

Where do we meet?

When you arrive at Padang airport there will be a staff member from the Playground Surf Resort waiting to pick you up and transfer you to the Resort.

What do I need to bring?

It’s up to you what you would like to bring. We recommend up to 3 boards, as there are so many different types of waves. It’s also good to have extra boards if you happen to break a board, as there is nowhere that you can buy boards on the island. The water is warm so you only need board-shorts and rashies or a wetsuit top. Reef Booties are great as the reef can be sharp at some waves.

The following is a guideline:

  • Surfboard(s)*
  • Board bag
  • Wetsuit vest
  • Hat
  • Legrope and warm water wax
  • Beach towel
  • Board repair kit (sun curing only)
  • Wet shirt/rashie
  • Reef boots
  • Gath helmet
  • Sunblock (waterproof 30+)
  • Mosquito repellant (tropical strength)
  • Malaria pills
  • Toiletries
  • Clothing and shoes (pack only half what you think you need)
  • Electrical adaptor (two round pins 220V)
  • Surge protector if taking a laptop
  • Book/Mags

* A lot of surfboards can be an inconvenience for some airlines. Be aware that some airlines allow you to take up to 3 surfboards and will charge an additional fee on top for any extra ones. Get information of the airline policies prior to travelling with them.

What qualifications do your HPC coaches have?

All HPC coaches are Level 2 Surfing Australia qualified coaches. Every coach on our team has up to date Surf Rescue or Surf Bronze Certificates and First Aid qualifications as well as a Working With Children’s check.

Payment Information?

You are required to pay a $500 non refundable deposit to secure your booking. Your final payment is due 6 weeks prior to your trip’s departure and is non refundable.

What level do I need to be?

Must be able to paddle onto a wave unaided and surf across the wave. Not for beginners. Only intermediate or advanced and have your own equipment.

What age do I need to be?

14 years or older. If under 18, Parent or Guardian approval required.

My child is under 18, do I need a parent or guardian at the camp?

No. If any parent who is a surfer or wants to observe their child/children they are welcome to attend at the cost of a participant as space is strictly limited to 12 people, the maximum the Playground Surf Resort accommodates.

How many on the HPC camp?

Playground Surf Resort accommodates up to 13 people. There will be up to 8 people getting coached. 1 HPC Coach, 1 Filmer & 1 Photographer. Parents, partners & friends can come as an extra but not get coached. Please enquiry for rate.

Do I need vaccinations?

For the latest recommended vaccinations we suggest going to www.traveldoctor.com.au

Do I need a visa?

Anyone wishing to stay for longer than 30 days in Indonesia should apply for a visa with the Indonesian Embassy or Consulate in their country of origin before departure. This visa is valid for 60 days and may be extended in Indonesia.
NOTE: Please check the following link for a list of countries that are FREE to enter INDONESIA. Entry Requirements

What money do I need?

Enough to cover your Indonesian Entry Fee and any personal purchases.

See full list of Trip Inclusions .

Is there mobile phone coverage?

No. There is Wi-Fi (included) and if not bringing your own device, at reception Skype is available for any calls to home.

Cancellation Policy

Cancellation Deposit is non-refundable. Payment or part payment constitutes your acceptance of these terms.



Welcome to HPC at Playground Surf Resort – A Trip of a Lifetime!

The trip starts from Padang, West Sumatra Indonesia where you will get picked up from the airport and taken to your accommodation in Padang. The next morning you will get picked up from your accommodation and taken to the the fast ferry boat to board for around 7am departure. You should arrive at Mentawai Islands around 2pm. A major part of the High Performance camp is the filming and photography so our HPC coaches can analyse and give feed back and see your surfing transform over the trip. Apart from the surfing, our HPC guests can enjoy a range of fun activities at the resort including board games, cards, ping-pong and mini golf.

Playground Surf Resort offers stand-up paddle boards to discover the bay and surrounds and there is the most beautiful and colourful reef right at the resort door step for snorkeling. The resort also offers fishing experiences where you can catch Big Mahi-Mahi, extra large Giant Trevally and Tuna. Morning Yoga sessions are available with picturesque views to relax your body and soul and Mentawai trekking and hiking adventures for cultural sharing and fun. On your last day you can surf and then get the fast ferry boat back to Padang arriving in evening. Staff will be ready to transfer you to your accommodation in Padang. You will get picked up from the accommodation in Padang and take you to airport for your flight home.

You can look back on your life changing trip with all the great memories on your own personal videos and photos as well. Had too much fun? We’ll see you again next year!

Here are some videos taken on location

Are you interested in booking a High Performance Camp in the Mentawais?

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